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16 December 2010 @ 10:25 pm
monster hospital, can you please release me?  
so today was the first day of finals.

only that's not true, because finals lasted six years this year. but still.

my finals schedule is pretty excellent, actually, this year. today was study hall and computer science. good: study hall is nothing, computer science was nothing. bad: i spent all of tuesday night coding to get that program finished. i spent all of study hall today getting belle's code finished. i spent all of lunch and comp sci itself getting grace's code finished. so hell.

tomorrow is english and bio. good: english is nothing. bad: english was a pain in the ass on wednesday, when i presented. i was in physical pain, i was so nervous. couldn't breathe, couldn't speak. ugh. also bad: biology is going to kick my ass. plus i hear mr. reek does weird stuff to try and psych us out. and since i haven't studied for bio, i feel really really bad about this.

so. grades so far.

study hall: 0/0.
calculus: undetermined
computer science: 100%
psychology: undetermined
english: undetermined (i find out tomorrow)
bio: undetermined
french: undetermined

oh lord. i need to know my grades. O_O