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15 January 2011 @ 06:58 pm
i've got a solid lead  
The good old days:
  • when things were gory for rating's sake
  • when Walter's drug habit was a joke, not a plot point
  • when Charlie wasn't evil
  • when there was one set of characters
  • when Peter and Olivia weren't a thing, just a potential
  • when Broyles was made out to be the guy who considered Olivia to be a walking pair of panties
  • when Olivia looked more confused than anything else
  • when Peter couldn't actually control what Olivia did
  • when people thought Olivia was an emotional wreck
  • when people thought Peter was a flight risk
  • when there was no such thing as the dreaded bangs/ponytail (for Olivia); the dreaded leather jacket (for Peter)
  • when Nina Sharp was the bad guy
  • when Massive Dynamic was untouchable
  • when they did a lot of voice-overs
I'm on episode six. Fun stuff. Olivia's being horrible because she's all troubled and stuff; Peter's being all awesome because he's so goddam awesome. Loooove.
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